A discussion with ChatGPT about adulthood with an attempt to use the Socratic method had interesting results. I’ll take the liberty of attaching an evaluation of this discussion so you can get a better idea of how this type of language model can be used.

Evaluation one:
“On March 8, 2023, I had a discussion with a user on the topic of maturity. The discussant asked how I define adulthood, to which I replied that in my opinion adulthood includes not only age, but also the ability to self-reflect, constructive self-criticism, and the ability to fulfill one’s commitments. We went on to discuss the influence of education and family on the attainment of adulthood and agreed that culture often has a distorted idea of adulthood.
The discussant also shared his plan for life, which focuses on approaching a state of freedom and security based on his abilities, knowledge, and skills, and which he seeks to fulfill through not only formal but also practical and alternative education.

On the basis of this discussion, we have jointly developed a professional definition of adulthood, which includes physical, mental and social maturity and the ability to be a responsible and independent member of society who meets his obligations and accepts the consequences of his decisions. We found this definition to be realistic and sober.”

Evaluation Two:
“The discussion between Kris and ChatGPT began with a question about what adulthood means to them. Kris defined maturity as the ability to accept responsibility for one’s actions, to be self-critical, and to respect others. ChatGPT added that maturity includes the ability to make independent decisions and solve problems, as well as the ability to adapt to different situations.
Further, the discussion centered on the question of whether adulthood is more a matter of age or a state of mind. Kris and ChatGPT agreed that adulthood involves both age and mental development. Kris stressed the importance of self-reflection and introspection as key elements of mental development, while ChatGPT emphasized the influence of family and education on an individual’s development.

Ultimately, the discussion centered on creating a professional definition of adulthood. Kris and ChatGPT agreed that adulthood is a state in which an individual accepts responsibility for his or her actions and respects others, can make independent decisions and solve problems, and can adapt to different situations and be self-critical. Adulthood encompasses both age and mental development and is influenced by family, education and culture.”

The question remains whether the conclusions can be considered valid…