Chip Me!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a cyborg or unlocking doors without keys? Well, now you can make that dream a reality by having a tiny chip implanted in your hand.


Introducing the Kyborgismus, which offers the opportunity for individuals to get “chipped”. The NExT chip, crafted from safe bioglass, operates on both 13.56MHz and 125kHz frequencies, enabling seamless communication within a 1-2 cm range. It can interact with cutting-edge systems like mobile phones and remains compatible with older systems, such as access control and time attendance systems, all while maintaining an impeccable level of security, making it virtually untraceable.

Dose it hurt? Iam scared!!!!

Implantation will be carried out by experienced professionals in body modifications, ensuring on-site safety. The implanted device is secure and immune to tracking or external control. It’s frequently used for exchanging contact information directly into your phone’s address book via NFC, unlocking property security systems, computers, and vehicles. Essentially, it operates much like the key fob you might use to access your workplace or school, with the undeniable advantage that you’ll never lose or forget it.

Where is the chip placed in my body?

The chip is inserted using a sterile pre-loaded needle into the hand between the thumb and forefinger—a swift, nearly painless, and secure procedure. Following implantation, the insertion site is covered with a bandage and requires no special care.

What dose it do?

The NExT implant is cylindrical, measuring 2x14mm, with a capsule constructed from extremely durable and chemically inert bioglass. It communicates using the two most common standards, 13.56 MHz and 125 kHz, making it compatible with both modern secure systems (entry, identification, payments) and older systems that still operate on 125 kHz (frequently found in access control for companies, schools, and residential buildings).

Whats next?

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at Don’t miss the chance to explore this cutting-edge technology at our upcoming conference!

How to purchase the chip?

You can purchase the chip in advance using the buttons below for €200, or directly on-site for €250 at the HCPP entrance. In either case, don’t forget to visit our chipping station inside the Hactivation Hub during HCPP to get your chip or learn more about it.


Q1: So, this NExT chip is like my personal tech sidekick? Can it make me a cup of coffee too?
A1: Well, it won’t brew coffee, but it’s your digital sidekick, ready to assist with unlocking doors and more!

Q2: Is the implantation process really as painless as a futuristic spa day? Can I get a massage while they’re at it?
A2: While a massage might be a bit tricky, the implantation is swift and nearly painless, like a high-tech spa treatment for your hand!

Q3: I’ve always wanted a Swiss Army knife, but can this chip also open jars?
A3: Sorry, it won’t open jars, but it can unlock doors and exchange contact info with a simple tap!

Q4: How secure is this chip? Can it keep my secrets safe, like my secret cookie recipe?
A4: It’s super secure and operates on frequencies that ensure privacy. Your cookie recipe will be safe!

Q5: Is this chip like a key that I can never lose? Because I lose my keys all the time.
A5: Exactly! It’s like a key that never gets lost, stolen, or borrowed without permission. Goodbye, lost keys!

Q6: Is this NExT chip compatible with my old-school gadgets, like my trusty flip phone from 2005?
A6: It sure is! It works seamlessly with modern systems and even those older gadgets from the flip phone era.

Q7: How discreet is this implant? Will people think I’ve joined a secret spy agency?
A7: It’s discreet, and people won’t suspect a thing. No secret spy agency vibes here, just tech-savvy convenience!

Q8: Can I get this chip implanted during my lunch break, or do I need a whole day off?
A8: It’s a quick procedure, so you could probably sneak it into your lunch break! No need to take the whole day off.

Q9: Can I choose a cool LED light for my implant, so it can glow like a sci-fi gadget?
A9: While it won’t glow, you can definitely make it a conversation starter with your friends!

Q10: Will this chip turn me into a cyborg superhero? I’ve always wanted to be Iron Man.
A10: Well, it won’t give you an Iron Man suit, but it’ll make you feel pretty tech-savvy!