I’m Kris. I enjoy logic, working with big data, cloud platforms, artificial intelligence and last but not least biohacking! As part of my work, I often do problem solving or optimization. I don’t like people. I follow the motto “Why not?”. While viewing my work and creating, please remember that the world is broken, but maybe it can still be fixed!

Latest Articles:
  • Adulthood
    A discussion with ChatGPT about adulthood with an attempt to use the Socratic method had interesting results. I’ll take the liberty of attaching an evaluation of this discussion so you can get a better idea of how this type of language model can be used.
  • To the esteemed citizens: Orwell 2023
    This text discusses the theme of change and the importance of adaptation in times of adversity. It also highlights the responsibility of both the government and individuals in improving their nation and the value of being actively engaged as a citizen. The language and style used in the text are inspired by George Orwell’s writing.
  • Spuštění podcastu SDV!
    Již za dva měsíce bude odvysílána první epizoda podcastu “Sex, drogy a vesmír”. Podcast SDV pojednává o zajímavých kulturně-společenských paternech a klade si za cíl […]
Latest podcasts:

As you read this I ask myself why?

Why did you scroll to the bottom of the page? Why did you even come to my page? Why are you interested in what I do or what I create?

Finding the answer to this question is never easy. But I am an expert at finding answers and solving problems.

However, I may be able to help you better on an individual level if you email me your interest or problem at firstcontact@krisisnew.xyz