I’m Kris. I enjoy logic, working with big data, cloud platforms, artificial intelligence and last but not least biohacking! As part of my work, I often do problem solving or optimization. I don’t like people. I follow the motto „Why not?“. While viewing my work and creating, please remember that the world is broken, but maybe it can still be fixed!

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  • Spuštění podcastu SDV!
    Již za dva měsíce bude odvysílána první epizoda podcastu „Sex, drogy a vesmír“. Podcast SDV pojednává o zajímavých kulturně-společenských paternech a klade si za cíl […]
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As you read this I ask myself why?

Why did you scroll to the bottom of the page? Why did you even come to my page? Why are you interested in what I do or what I create?

Finding the answer to this question is never easy. But I am an expert at finding answers and solving problems.

However, I may be able to help you better on an individual level if you email me your interest or problem at firstcontact@krisisnew.xyz